Why online poker is way much better than live poker

For years now there has been a sort of dualism between online poker and live poker 96ace. Obviously, with two factions of supporters: those who prefer online poker and claim that the real player emerges in this specialty, while on the other side live poker fans defend the live game. A diatribe that seems far from being resolved and that perhaps no one will ever agree.

Both games are fascinating and both have pros and cons. Surely the live game involves a higher expenditure of money and not just for the buyin: travel, accommodation, food and all that . With online poker these additional costs are cut down.

On the other hand, online poker has less socialization than live poker, where the player often combines passion with the game, traveling with friends, making the event like a holiday. But technically, there are at least 5 reasons why online poker is better than live poker.

Let’s see what they are.

The speed

In live poker there are inevitably dead times and game times get longer . In online poker, however, everything happens at great speed. From the automatic mixer, to a time bank for decisions with reduced times up to the displacement or “breaking” of the tables that occur more quickly. All of this involves a number of superior hands dealt to the table .

An average of 60-80 hands per hour, compared to 20-25 live. It changes a lot, especially for those who love cash games. But even in MTTs this is a very high number and it somehow helps to break down the variance. Not only that, but with online poker it is possible to play multiple events simultaneously: multi-tabling which is very difficult live.

Last but not least, the increased speed of online events is an important reminder for those who are unable to attend live tournaments , for work or family reasons. An online turbo usually concentrates between two and four hours of play. A not just time table, for those who always have little time available.

Wider offer

The Online Poker offers a wide range of events and games . At any time. Often live, the times of the events are regulated in some way by the opening and closing times of the เว็บคาสิโน casinos that host the poker room. The offer of live events is then in some way linked to the availability of tables and dealers.

All things that are bypassed online. So online, there is only the embarrassment of choice. From MTTs to Cash, from Sit & Gs or quick games, through NLH and all other variations.

Without forgetting the possibility of finding much higher prize pools, as well as guaranteed ones.

Bankroll construction and protection

It is certainly easier to build a bankroll in live casino online poker than in live play. The amount of lowbuyin events allows you to carefully sip your economic resources, facing tournaments even for a few cents. This is impossible for live poker, where the organizers have a very high cost threshold and consequently offer higher priced events that contain a significant rake .

Thanks to online lowbuyin , you can also manage your bankroll well . The wide range of events available allows you not to jeopardize our roll, continuing to play at low levels. This is not always possible live, for the reasons explained above.

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The Dark Knight Slot- Legendary Game Play!

The impact of tight slot machines on casino marketing | 2018-07-24 | Casino  Journal
The online casino has gained immense popularity now and you will see many online casino lovers around you. If you find the one with the same interest, you can spend the rest of the day talking about casino games. People who love casino games know about the real fun of each of the games such as slots, poker, and many others. Slots are loved by all and all casino game lovers share this interest. They know which game is the best. There are some legendary games as well such as the dark knight slot mafia สล็อต. Without a doubt, it is one of the best casino slot game ever with the real boom of entertainment.

About the game
The dark knight movie was released in 2008 and it instantly became a super hit. All the characters from the movie are present in the game and you will be able to pick your favorite one. There are five reels and three rows and there are 243 ways by which you can win in the game. There are scatter and wilds symbols that will get you with the bonuses and there are various which you can win. The most exciting part f the game is the jackpot. These jackpots are randomly activated and you can have a chance to win 1 out of 4 jackpots.
You can play this game on some of the popular online casino gaming sites. There you are also going to find many other popular games along with the dark knight slot. This is one remarkable game and if you truly love playing slots, then this is the game that you must try instantly. You will get a chance to win huge money. There are other types of bonuses also present in the game which you will keep on getting while paying the game. Keep trying your luck and have fun.

From A to Z | The complete Slots glossary - Telecom Drive

Why are online casinos famous?
You can spend hours playing the dark knight. People who are excited about this game might have seen movies read comics and games. It is one of the best-created game. You are going to see an entire website of the game and it is cool. There is a detailed description of each of the characters that develop more interest in the game. When you will view the website you will see the entire action coming to your way. The excited pictures of the characters and the action can be seen.
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It has been a generally known reality that the online club has been playing the live gambling clubs and consequently, the tips of the live club have been holding a portion of the techniques which can be picked toward the beginning of the ongoing interaction https://www.55winbet.com/th/th-th/product/slot.…

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From offline to online: what has changed in the (gambling) world?- Part 2

Twenty years later

With the advent of online gaming, it was of course not just about the casino boss’s ideas about the technical possibilities สล็อตออนไลน์. He had to take into account all kinds of other matters, of which political policy , for example, was an important part and in many cases still is. Twenty years later, this is clearly visible in the differences per country.

But there is also a common thread of adjustment and of the results. As technological advancements continue, it is clear that online and offline casinos have found a certain balance. They have grown towards each other and have come to an almost synergistic symbiosis (two different worlds that together are more than the sum of the two separately).

Stronger and bigger

There are casino bosses who have released their conclusions about the changes in the past four years. Scientists have also looked at how online and offline interacted. Together it gives a nice picture. It also becomes clear that people can still learn from each other, in cases where offline and online gambling games providers work separately.

A researcher notes that offline casinos (in the US they call them ‘land based’) got a lot of new customers by also offering online games. A large part of those customers only played online before. But many also started playing in the offline casino. And of existing customers, who had not been in a while, several came back thanks to online play.

The occasional offline play in the physical casino was done by many players on their own initiative. But casino bosses realized that they could also use the database with registrations as a promotional medium. With online premiums they lured players to the casino. And vice versa, because in the end it does not matter to them where the income comes from.

Offline and online

For the latter benefit, offline and online play had to be in one hand. For the offline casino with its existing licenses, the step to also offering online was easier. In some countries, the government is still aiming for that one hand when issuing online gambling licenses . But offline and online can also work together if they are not in one hand.

This happened in Great Britain, for example, a country group with its own gambling history. The government operates an open market there. There are offline betting providers. This does not only concern casinos as we know them, but also bingo halls, for example. And there are online providers who maintain one or more gambling websites.

Playing online now appears to have been only an addition to the existing gambling environment. It resulted in extra income from (gambling) tax , more employment and the like. And collaboration by two or more independent companies (offline and online) gave them cost savings, a greater reach to a target group and other benefits.

Expansion of the public

In almost all countries with offline and online casinos, researchers and gamblers find that the composition of their audience has expanded. In the beginning online games mainly appealed to young people. Many then also found their way to the physical casino. That did depend on the situation; for example, in remote areas, the step to offline was greater.

Researchers don’t just look at age. They also look at gender, nationality, ethnicity, occupation and sometimes even sexual orientation. They are the so-called demographic aspects. In practice, it is only in such quantities that some distinction can be made between online and offline players. Then it turns out that in a certain area the Chinese prefer to play offline and Mexicans especially online.


We let some casino bosses speak again. A New Jersey brick-and-mortar casino began offering an online casino for home players a few years ago. After three years, three clearly distinguishable groups appeared in their member database. Besides only offline or online roulette players, almost 10% use both forms. Almost every player of that group has started playing roulette online . Conclusion of the casino boss: online generates extra income and appeals to a new target group, from which the physical casino also benefits.

The manager of the well-known Caesar Palace notes something similar in poker. He saw revenue from playing poker in his casino grow after Caesar Entertainment also offered online poker. Its membership base consists of many players who started online. And 80% of the holding company’s database consists of players registered online after the introduction of online.
Caesar also experiences that many online players are going to play physical poker. How much he does not want to say, but that online is a great marketing tool for offline. Incidentally, also to make old inactive players enthusiastic again for the game of poker in the physical casino.


As mentioned, external factors play an important role in the creative adjustment process of gambling companies. Several countries are still struggling with a policy on online gambling games and / or the combination of offline and online. In addition, the government is often the most important stumbling block for casino bosses in the implementation of online business models.

In some countries, the previously discussed fear of the unknown emerges. For example, they have income from state lotteries and foresee a decline in income. Other governments are betting on the UK’s observations of growing income and employment, sometimes without directly embracing the open market model.

Several forms are conceivable. Casino bosses now know that combining offline and online brings benefits. What individual countries decide is important. But the casino bosses can adopt a more or less casual attitude. The past learns, they adapt to it.…

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Types of bets in poker: what they are and how they work

Poker is made up of, among other things, betting. That is to say the bets we make. Especially post flop, regardless of whether we can have a real hand, or be totally bluffing. But actually how many are these episodes? Seven. Each with its own name and each with its own specific characteristics.

Today we will go to the discovery, or a review for those who already have great practicality of the game, of these seven bets. Analyzing the pros and cons, when they are made and the purposes of the bets themselves. In short, a particular journey to fully understand the question.

Not only that, but also to realize once and for all, the many weapons available to be able to vary our game. Let’s see these seven bets which play a crucial role in the game of poker in online casino malaysia.

How to Deal Blackjack: Blackjack Rules for Dealers | Udemy Blog

The Donk Bet

Particular name and it is no coincidence. It’s called the donk bet, the kind of bet where we have an important point and still decide to take action, when the check would probably be the right action. It’s not always the wrong move. Indeed, in some cases it helps to mask the point we have and with the possibility of getting paid even in the streets following the flop.

Obviously it should be dosed well during a tournament or cash game session. Based on the opponent, the point we have and the odds that there are of not letting the rival run away from the hand. In the long run it risks being a double-edged sword and therefore is a sort of wild card to be used from time to time.

Continuation Bet

Better known as C-bet, it is the most famous of all bets in poker. When a player raises before the flop, they will almost always continue to represent a strong hand even when betting on the flop. This gives you the ability to exert more pressure on your opponent and win the pot at that moment, regardless of the strength of the hand.

The main idea behind c-bets is that the other player didn’t improve his hand on the flop. If so, he’ll drop the plate. A call could set off an alarm bell, but it does not necessarily have a closed point in hand. He’s probably trying to shut down a project. A possible raise on Cbet instead must make us think, also based on the image of the rival.


In Poker they are not very frequent and for this reason, when they occur they attract attention and curiosity. Overbet is a bet that exceeds the total pot size. For example, at a cash game table, there are € 100 in the pot and we opt for a flop bet of € 130. This is effectively an overbet.

Specifically, there are two types of overbets. The first is involuntary, or made by those players who are beginners, who place an overbet to defend their point. Basically they are telling us that they have a super hand and it is no small information. The voluntary one, on the other hand, is occasionally used by those experienced and aggressive players who tend to get their point paid by less skilled players.


The opposite of overbet and underbet. In this case we calculate a small size that is smaller than the pot we are playing. The best underbet is always around 50% of the pot. A figure that does not imply a big loss if we were to leave the hand and that does not commit whoever does it.


Often called Re-raise, it is the second raise made at the table, after an initial raise announced by another player. Utg, for example, opens to 1,000 and the middle position player raises to 4,000. This is the classic 3bet. It is a strong action that detonates an important hand, but at the same time can be used to place a bluff.

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what has changed in the (gambling) world?

Lately all kinds of casinos and researchers have come out with conclusions about the connection between offline and online. The Live Casino is a good example of a smart connection between online gambling and a visit to a ‘real’ physical casino . This morning we had to think of that in an article in the newspaper. It was about the arrival of web shops and the empty shopping streets. How about online and offline casinos?

At the newspaper article we thought, there must be no news in the world or readers are tired of a continuous topic. Then the media grab a subject from their grab bag. One of the grabbucks then gives the article ‘shop vs webshop’. Two or three ‘experts’ are called and a newspaper page is filled in no time.

Whatever arguments are added, the common thread is adapting the changes. You could also speak of ‘making use of’ with the successful examples. We do not only have to look at store vs webshop. Before we look at offline and online casinos, there are some nice examples from the past.


The film world watched with fear and trembling at the rise of television in the 1950s. Their business model was simple: make a film and earn money from the sale of cinema tickets. But if people have a television at home, why would they still go to the cinema.

Of course television was a threat. And it also took a while for the fear to turn into a positive and creative attitude. Then a clever film boss thought that television could also offer new possibilities. He pulled a duster over his old films, which were dusting in physical archives, and showed them on television. An adjusted earnings model was born.

Film bosses had hardly adapted to the arrival of television when the video recorder was introduced. Film bosses again had to consider their method. They had already discovered television as an advertising medium for promoting their films in the cinema.


The world is constantly changing. So adaptation will always be necessary. Fear of that makes little sense. You discover this most quickly if you are interested in history. Just pick up a book from the time when change was happening. The moment when the fear is still good. In it you read the arguments that arose from that fear among the ‘victims’, politics and others.

Then you read more recent books on how the changes turned out. In the light of the earlier arguments, the nonsense of fear and fear reveals itself. It is better to be creative.

Sports and radio

A nice example, before we go to the casino, is also the arrival of the radio. At this time, large sports clubs also had to rely on ticket sales. Suddenly a radio reporter arrives to report a match directly to people at home. Sports clubs tried to keep that reporter out in the beginning.

The most important argument was, ‘why should we give away something (competition experience) that we ourselves need to keep our company afloat’. In bad weather, the radio was a real threat. Later it turned out that the radio actually provided more visitors, people who never went to a match before that became enthusiastic. Betting on matches also became more accessible and common.

Online and offline casino

Such securities are now experienced by casino owners. In 2000, with the rise of online casinos, they feared a decline in the number of visitors. But the gambling world is particularly good at adapting: developers of casino games are often the first to work with new techniques and respond excellently to market developments.

After the first reaction, the gambling bosses quickly adopted a different attitude. An attitude of accepting, embracing and especially looking for opportunities. This created new business and revenue models. Not all of them were successful, of course. And often it was not until much later that the effects of the adjustments could be established.…

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