Why online poker is way much better than live poker

For years now there has been a sort of dualism between online poker and live poker 96ace. Obviously, with two factions of supporters: those who prefer online poker and claim that the real player emerges in this specialty, while on the other side live poker fans defend the live game. A diatribe that seems far from being resolved and that perhaps no one will ever agree.

Both games are fascinating and both have pros and cons. Surely the live game involves a higher expenditure of money and not just for the buyin: travel, accommodation, food and all that . With online poker these additional costs are cut down.

On the other hand, online poker has less socialization than live poker, where the player often combines passion with the game, traveling with friends, making the event like a holiday. But technically, there are at least 5 reasons why online poker is better than live poker.

Let’s see what they are.

The speed

In live poker there are inevitably dead times and game times get longer . In online poker, however, everything happens at great speed. From the automatic mixer, to a time bank for decisions with reduced times up to the displacement or “breaking” of the tables that occur more quickly. All of this involves a number of superior hands dealt to the table .

An average of 60-80 hands per hour, compared to 20-25 live. It changes a lot, especially for those who love cash games. But even in MTTs this is a very high number and it somehow helps to break down the variance. Not only that, but with online poker it is possible to play multiple events simultaneously: multi-tabling which is very difficult live.

Last but not least, the increased speed of online events is an important reminder for those who are unable to attend live tournaments , for work or family reasons. An online turbo usually concentrates between two and four hours of play. A not just time table, for those who always have little time available.

Wider offer

The Online Poker offers a wide range of events and games . At any time. Often live, the times of the events are regulated in some way by the opening and closing times of the เว็บคาสิโน casinos that host the poker room. The offer of live events is then in some way linked to the availability of tables and dealers.

All things that are bypassed online. So online, there is only the embarrassment of choice. From MTTs to Cash, from Sit & Gs or quick games, through NLH and all other variations.

Without forgetting the possibility of finding much higher prize pools, as well as guaranteed ones.

Bankroll construction and protection

It is certainly easier to build a bankroll in live casino online poker than in live play. The amount of lowbuyin events allows you to carefully sip your economic resources, facing tournaments even for a few cents. This is impossible for live poker, where the organizers have a very high cost threshold and consequently offer higher priced events that contain a significant rake .

Thanks to online lowbuyin , you can also manage your bankroll well . The wide range of events available allows you not to jeopardize our roll, continuing to play at low levels. This is not always possible live, for the reasons explained above.

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